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Product Place Lush Location Strategy

Because of the remarkable qualities of the Lush Company’s industry of activity, it is indispensable to adjust the components of elusiveness, indistinguishability, and heterogeneity during the 4Ps of its market blend (Eldring, 2009).Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Product Place: Lush Location Strategy explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More Therefore, it is essential to set up means and methods of arriving at the potential market comprising of delicate customers through the accompanying techniques. Online Placement Though presently operational, the organization ought to upgrade its web based buying site to expand it perceivability. The fundamental goal and objective of this internet promoting plan is to draw in the youthful adults’ showcase section that spends about a fourth of a day on the web. This will be accomplished through enhancement of the organization online entrance site to enhancing perceivability of the items on the web. It is important to update the company’s online deals calculations continually for the query output for the company’s items to stay at the top. This can be accomplished through reconsidering the substance to guarantee that all the data in the site relates legitimately to the necessities of likely customers (West, Ford Ibrahim, 2010). Retail locations In request to promote the current market development technique, the Lush Company ought to investigate the choice of diversifying its items to littler retail locations over the UK. In particular, the booth model will expand the perceivability of the company’s items to the low amount buyers. The retail locations will at that point utilize the parent company’s flexibly fasten channels to connect the market portion (Jobber, 2012). For example, the organization may utilize the administrations of the well known Iman Cosmetics wholesalers that have little retail locations over the UK.Advertising Looking for report on bu siness financial aspects? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Since the Iman’s circulation channel is all around created, the Lush Company will build their item perceivability in all areas where Iman Cosmetics merchants have retail locations. The current circulation channel of the Lush Company comprises of 50 merchants with each selling a normal of 100,000 items every year. In this manner, an expansion of 10 wholesalers will unquestionably expand the yearly turnover by 100,000 items. In three years, the turnover will balance out at 6,000,000 bits of Lush magnificence items, which is practically 20% expansion in the piece of the pie. In this manner, a 15% expansion is entirely feasible inside three years. As the piece of the overall industry expands, Lush Company’s advertise perceivability will likewise increment in a similar extent (Eldring 2009). Associations with the grocery stores Reflectively, all the markets in London have store space for the corrective items. For example, Sainsbury and Tesco stores have the absolute biggest racks for restorative items. Along these lines, Lush Company may sign a reminder of comprehension with Sainsbury, Tesco and different grocery stores situated inside the urban communities of London, Bradford, Birmingham, and Peterborough among others. The update of understanding will involve a concurrence with the stores to distribute extraordinary racks for the Lush items other than running advancements in the interest of the company.Advertising We will compose a custom report test on Product Place: Lush Location Strategy explicitly for you for just $16.05 $11/page Learn More consequently, the markets will hold a concurred level of profits from these items. At the point when this technique is effectively executed, Lush Company will enormously expand its perceivability in the above urban communities through its items in these markets. Item conveyance channel To addition ally enter the far reaching corrective industry of the UK, the Lush Company ought to improve its appropriation organize by including an armada of ten car restorative shops that likewise goes about as the wellspring of transport for the company’s items to various stores and markets (Wormeli, 2007). These autos will be fitted with obvious banners of the organization items. The autos will be distributed to various locales of the UK, for example, Truro, Wakefield, and Wolverhampton where the accessibility and perceivability of the company’s items are insignificant. So as to effectively actualize this methodology, the Lush Company should twofold its present consumption on item conveyance to the market. In any case, this cost will generously drop after a brief timeframe as the organization will begin to profits by economies of scale because of dispatching more items into the market because of improved item perceivability. Reference List Eldring, J 2009, Porter’s (1980 ) conventional procedures, execution and hazard: An experimental examination with German information, Diplomica-Verl, Hamburg. Merchant, D 2012, Principles and practice of showcasing, McGraw-Hill Publishers, New York, NY.Advertising Searching for report on business financial matters? We should check whether we can support you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Find out More West, DC, Ford, J, Ibrahim, E 2010, Strategic promoting, Oxford University Press, Oxford. Wormeli, R 2007, Differentiation: From wanting to rehearse, grades 6-12, Stenhouse Publishers, Portland. This report on Product Place: Lush Location Strategy was composed and put together by client Elise Walker to help you with your own investigations. You are allowed to utilize it for examination and reference purposes so as to compose your own paper; nonetheless, you should refer to it in like manner. You can give your paper here.

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Principles of Financial Markets Peromance Evaluation

Question: Depict about the Report for Principles of Financial Markets and it's Peromance Evaluation . Answer: Presentation: Organization peromance assessment and observing is significant from the point of view of various partners. There are different techniques to investigate the companies.This report completes the top down and base up examination of the Rex (Regional Express) and Virgin Australia. The Top-down investigation examines about the financial, business, and friends examination. The monetary examination incorporates the diverse sort of financial markers, for example, loan cost, expansion, GDP, and estimation of the money that influence the gainfulness of Rex and Virgin Australia. In industry and friends investigation the inner and outer variables are examined that influence the exhibition of the two organizations. The base up examination of Rex and Virgin Australia presents the money related execution of the Rex and Virgin Australia through the investigation of various proportions, for example, liquidity, gainfulness, effectiveness, capital structure, and market execution proportion. These proportions are utilized to decide the presentation and gainfulness of the compan y Companys history and statement of purpose: Rex Airlines: The Rex (Regional Express) is Australia's biggest territorial aircraft organization. It was set up in the year 2002, when Australian aircrafts procured Kendell and Hazelton carriers. The Rex works its business in various nations for the giving the office of transportation. The all out income of Rex in the year 2016 is 261,906 ($000). The statement of purpose of the organization is We are focused on furnishing our clients with sheltered and solid air transportation with ardent cordiality. As a provincial bearer, we continually endeavor to keep tolls low through our responsibility to effortlessness, proficiency, and great worth. We are focused on regarding our clients as people and will react to every one of their remarks and grumblings (Regional Express, 2016). Virgin Australia: Virgin Australia was propelled in the year 2000, as Virgin blue. The Virgin Australia is the second biggest carrier organization in Australia. The organization offers its types of assistance in 29 Australian urban communities and the income of the organization in year 2015 is AU$4.7 billion. The statement of purpose of Virgin Australia is our central goal to become Australias most loved aircraft bunch by expanding on our dedicated client base (Virgin Australia, 2015). Top-down Analysis of Rex and Virgin Australia: Top-down examination is a device of the full scale investigation of the association that incorporates the economy investigation, area examination, and friends examination. This examination helps the speculators in determination of stock portfolio, which depicted underneath: Economy investigation: Economic examination is a deliberate methodology that incorporates the outer elements of the economy, which influences the exhibition of the association. Alongside this, financial variables are swelling rate, loan cost, the estimation of cash, and GDP. Swelling rate: Inflation rate is a significant factor of an economy that demonstrates a rate at which cost of merchandise and enterprises are rising and the intensity of the money is diminishing. The pace of swelling in Australia was 1% and 1.5% in the year 2016 and 2015 individually. This shows in the year 2016 the pace of swelling is lower in contrast with year 2015 (Trading Economics, 2016). Through this, Australia carrier administration industry can take the advantage of low expansion rate, for example, aircraft organizations Rex and Virgin Australia buys more carrier item and administrations for their turn of events. Loan fee: the Interest rate is a rate that a borrower paid to the moneylender for the utilization of banks reserves. The present pace of enthusiasm for Australia is 1.5% in the year 2016 and 2% in the year 2015, which is diminishes in year 2016 (Reserve Bank Australia, 2016). In this way, carriers organizations can accomplish the advantage of the low-loan fee by the utilizing assets in its activities. Current estimation of $AUD: the present estimation of 1$ AUD is equivalent to 0.7514 USD, which portrays that the estimation of Australian dollar is less in contrast with US dollar. This has the both positive and negative effect overall Australia aircraft industry (X rates, 2016). Because of abatement in the swapping scale, the benefit of both the organizations Rex and Virgin Australia is going down in light of the fact that conversion scale influences the cost of fuel, which greaterly affects the two organizations airfares. Current GDP: Gross local item is a quantitative estimation apparatus that gauges the complete monetary exercises of a nation. The present GDP pace of Australia is 3.1% in year 2016 that is higher in contrast with year 2015. This higher GDP rate shows that the financial exercises of Australia are expands (Scutt, 2016). Alongside this, the Australian help industry has 68% commitment in its GDP. The income of Rex and virgin Australia is expanding that has more prominent effect on the Australian GDP and extra cash. Because of this, the interest of Rex and Virgin Australias air travel are expanding quickly. Industry investigation: Watchmen Five Forces Analysis of the Airlines Industry in the Australia It assists with deciding the industrys quality and shortcoming. It speaks to the business structure of an association. This doormen five powers are utilized to confirm what items, administration, and business offer benefit to the organization. It also assists with comprehension about serious market, position and quality or shortcoming about themselves, while quality or shortcoming of contender. Haggling intensity of purchasers: The bartering intensity of purchasers will be high if the purchasers have the elective alternative and in the event that purchasers dont have numerous choices to picked, at that point dealing force will low. The Two sort of purchasers goes in the flights. In the first place, those movement independently. Additionally, these sort of purchasers buys ticket because of numerous reasons that can be business related or individual (Moreno et al, 2015). They buy the tickets from the particular carriers. Second sorts of purchasers purchase tickets through the movement organization or online entrances. Association keeps low exchanging cost framework on the grounds that numerous purchasers pick the flight dependent on separation, region, and cost at that point. Each carrier has a specialty, scarcely any aircrafts focus on cost, while others center around the offices and highlights. Purchasers consistently get data and detail that what are given during going in the flight and spotlight on security and cost. Haggling intensity of providers: Airline industry is influenced by different components, for example, fuel, airplane, and work. The cost of Fuel varies as indicated by the worldwide market and geopolitical variables. Alongside this, work influences the dealing intensity of provider because of the explanation of representatives and unionism (Halpern and Graham, 2013). Third, makers assume a crucial job in dealing power since carrier relies upon the makers of airplane, for example, big deal, Airbus, and Boeing. This is the explanation of the intensity of providers, high and low force relies upon these components. Section and leave obstructions: The carrier business required a gigantic money to enter in the market and at whatever point aircrafts need to exit from the market, they need to hold up under high misfortunes. It very well may be said that enter and exit both are boundaries for the carrier business. For going into the business needs enormous capital with complex information and experience. It is too hard to even consider exitting the business in light of contributing colossal capital. Existing carrier can drive its business with low level as opposed to leave, when the advantages are particular. The danger of substitute: There are no substitute dangers for the carrier business in the Australia. Moreover, buyers don't travel by the transport or train. It implies that flying is a typical voyaging wonder for the Australian buyers. The substitutes train and transport dont sway on carriers industry. Contention among contender: Airlines industry has numerous rivals in the Australia. Since, ease transporters, exacting guideline of the business wherein wellbeing turns out to be high need, which prompts high working costs. Aside from this, gracefully side is more than request side in aircraft industry. Contenders need to do various things to get upper hand (Farabi, 2012). Because of rivalry, a carriers organization has declined their expense and offers extraordinary types of assistance, which are never given by different aircrafts. Organization examination: Organization examination is the investigation of the associations inside condition, which depicts the qualities and shortcoming of the association. The Rex has the solid brand picture and piece of the overall industry in Australia through the actualizing CSR exercises. Alongside this, the supervisory crew of Rex Airline is likewise capable in decreasing the expense of the organization and extending its business through the recognizing new courses where organization can offer its types of assistance. Another, qualities of the Rex is its parent organization Australian Airline pilot institute that gives an in house gracefully of pilots to organization (Virgin Australia, 2015). Aside from this, Virgin Australia likewise has the great brand picture since it works its business at worldwide level and friends is on first position in administration conveyance on schedule. This builds the piece of the pie and productivity of organization. Besides, Virgin offers top notch types of assistance to its clients at low costs that make organization not quite the same as its rivals brands. Then again, Rex Airlines has the a few shortcomings that influence the presentation of the organization. The historical backdrop of Australian aircraft industry is negative that power Rex and Virgin to convey limited administrations. The Rex aircrafts are not capable in keeping up its working costs, for example, air terminal expense and fly fuel costs that expansion the expense and influences the benefit of organization (Regional Express, 2014). In any case, Virgin aircrafts center around its working costs that expansion the brand picture and benefit of Virgin in Australia. In addition, the expense of representatives turnover is individually high in Virgin Aust

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How to Write a Portfolio Essay

How to Write a Portfolio EssayIt is almost impossible to think of a student who has not been asked to write a portfolio essay. In the world of academia, this type of writing is an absolute must. Students who do not write their own portfolio essays tend to submit them to faculty members who have more experience in writing than they do.Even with this said, there are a number of reasons that one would want to know how to write a portfolio essay. Most students who send out portfolio essays don't do it for the monetary benefit, but rather because they are very passionate about what they are doing. They don't simply care about their job or even the career they are pursuing, but they do so in a way that piques the interest of others who may find themselves intrigued by their personal passions.This is not to say that an unprepared student cannot write a portfolio essay. But it does mean that it will be less effective for those students who do not understand how to write one. The reason for t his is that portfolios usually contain an essay which is only a small portion of the overall document. Many students who do not know how to write a portfolio do not realize that they have to remember and organize information in order to effectively pen an essay of this nature.If you do not do this, you may find yourself struggling to come up with interesting things to say about your field of study or the course you are trying to finish in order to write a portfolio essay. It is crucial to have a good grasp of what is being written about in order to make this work effectively. Here are some tips to help you create a portfolio essay.Focus on the Work You Do: A resume is essentially a summary of what a prospective employer is looking for. It will be focused on the specific industry you are in and what you have accomplished there. While you can certainly put any old thing here, it is important to find things that relate to what the particular position or course of study is all about. Wh ile you may be working on a wide variety of topics, it is important to write down exactly what you are doing to advance your career.State What You Can Offer: This is a crucial part of the portfolio essay as it lets potential employers know what it is they are hiring for. If you have done something to gain experience in the field of study you are applying for, write it down. This will give you a solid base of expertise when it comes to the job you are applying for.State What You Have Done: This should go without saying. However, if you don't then you need to ask yourself why you are not doing it. What is it that you are looking for? If you haven't been developing a personal interest in your field, then you need to stop and ask yourself whether this is something that will advance your career.These are the most important steps to understanding how to write a portfolio essay. There are other things that you need to think about, but these two are the most important. By taking the time to prepare a portfolio essay, you are putting yourself in a great position to get noticed for what you have to offer in your field.

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Rules Of Summary Writing How To Conclude Your Paper

How to Write a Summary to Get a Good Grade? Writing a summary might be really challenging. However, if you know how to write it exactly, you will succeed and receive the highest scores. So, what is summary and how to write it correctly? Let’s find the answers to these questions. Definition A summary is such a type of writing where you restate someone else’s points of view in your own words. There are many various types of summaries. They might vary accordingly to the degree you analyze or interpret the source. Their length varies too: some of them are 1 or 2 sentences or 1 page long. Nevertheless, no matter which the summary is, you should generally state the main claim or data of another writer. Targets of the Summary First of all, writing a summary, you will have to define the target reader. It may be either a boss, professor or client. What is the reason why the reader mustn’t read the initial source? This is because the summaries provide a general and concise version of the original data. Summaries are beneficial for the reader because they give fast overviews of the information. Also, the reader might understand from your summary that you understood the main idea of the text. So, it enables your teachers to evaluate your knowledge. In other words, when you write a summary, you begin to properly understand the text. In the aftermath, you are able to present your own knowledge within the context of the researched text. Meaning, you will be able to write a summary of someone’s claim in order to critique or analyze it. When and What to Summarize Many writers misunderstood the concept of writing a summary and instead of summarizing, they just quote. You should quote only in case the author expresses witty and interesting language or a claim in a particular telling, writing a summary. You should only summarize, otherwise. You should utilize a summary in order to restate the main claim. Also, you may utilize a summary to present data. It is much more economical to summarize than to quote because, writing a summary, you may control the main claim. How to Write a Summary: Read the initial text or passage very precisely, writing a summary. Highlight what you consider to be the major claim of the text with a pencil. Make some notes on the sheet of paper or in the margins. Outline the claim of the author, in case you summarize the essay. Inform the reader about the main arguments of the entire text, when you are writing a summary. Summary Conventions As it was mentioned above, the summaries might be either long or short. Whatever the size is, you should utilize the full sentences in order to present the author’s main arguments to the reader, writing a good summary. Don’t include extensive quotes. Quoting, document the quotation and utilize the quotation marks. Note that when you don’t document the quotation, it will be treated as plagiarism, even if it is just one word. (Plagiarism is using someone else’s words like they are your own ones.) To introduce information, utilize the author’s surname as a tag when you are writing a summary:  Gates notes that education in the U.S. A. has undergone a great number of revolutions in the last 20 years. Brown argues that environmental degradation and population growth are causally related.   Summarizing the author’s main claim, you should utilize the present tense:  Green confirms that either Democratic or Republican parties are being funded by similar big corporations nowadays.   Example of a Good Summary Decter claims that today pornography gets more realistic since the names and identities of people are used in the photos. Therefore, it is unpleasant for viewers and readers, who can grow up with frustrated or dissatisfied fantasies. To conclude, writing a summary is such an interesting and exciting activity. If only you are aware of how to write a summary correctly. With all the recommendations, mentioned above, you will cope with this process. We are sure you will get a good grade if you try hard, of course. We believe that your summary will stand out in a crowd as long as you know very well how to write a summary properly now. Wish you all the best on your way to a scholarship. Have a wonderful day!

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Analysis Of Graduation By Maya Angelou - 766 Words

The Prevalence of Gender Discrimination Life is not always easy as we think, each and every one had a bad experience in your life that teaches you a lesson for us in order to win the journey of our life. In the essay, Graduation, Maya Angelou states about the unfair treatment of whites against the African Americans during the graduation. There are situations in life where we feel discriminated but no matter what we have to gain the strength to prosper. In this article, Angelou talks about her eight-grade graduation experience. Angelou mainly focused about the unfair treatment of African Americans during that time because they were not values on their educational intelligence. Also, the white people were in charge of the African†¦show more content†¦I was raised in India, where parents considered their son to be more superior than their daughter. Even in my family, sometimes I feel that my parents like my brother more than me. They usually allow him to hang out with his friends during night but I was restricted to go out with my friends just because I am a girl. When I got restricted many times for the things that I liked to do, many times I got offended and felt inferior to my brother just like Angelou felt when she got insulted. Gender discrimination is not something that we can see in our home but also when we look into our society, we can see many types of discrimination. It can be in school, workplace, bus or even in train. The main problem with our society is that people consider women as powerless or someone to be in home to look after the kids. People think that some works can be done by only men so they just hire male workers by thinking that female workers cant do heavy works. Also, there will be unequal wages between male and female workers by just looking into their gender. Sometimes men get higher wages because the boss think that males are the one who take care of the family. In some cases, if woman is pregnant, some employers do not even like to interview or hire them just because they are pregnant. So, in most cases, women have to hide their pregnancy because of the fire they get fired. These kinds of gender discriminationShow MoreRelatedAnalysis Of Graduation By Maya Angelou960 Words   |   4 PagesEssay on â€Å"Graduation† by Maya Angelou Racial segregation was very dominant in the United States in the mid nineteen hundreds. This is the time that Maya Angelou was graduating from the eighth grade in Stamps Arkansas. The theme of racial segregation is well shown by the how different the schools of the African-Americans was compared to that of whites in the essay â€Å"Graduation† by Maya Angelou. In the essay the Angelou points out that Lafayette County Training School didn’t have a lawn, hedges, tennisRead MoreAnalysis Of Graduation Day By Maya Angelou728 Words   |  3 PagesAre encouraging words the uniting force when fighting injustice? In â€Å"Graduation Day,† Maya Angelou addresses how encouraging words affected the injustice she faced as a child. Angelou informs her audience about the influence encouraging words had on her and the people in her community. These uplifting words united her community in a time of overwhelming bias. Encouraging words unite oppressed people to fight injustice. Spiritual words unite communities to fight injustice and practice in good worksRead MoreThe Rhetorical Analysis Of Mary Crow Dog And Graduation By Maya Angelou1640 Words   |  7 Pageswriting to be effective or not. Mary Crow Dog and Maya Angelou are both effective rhetors because their rhetorical situations work together to make their essays compelling. â€Å"Civilize Them with a Stick† by Mary Crow Dog and â€Å"Graduation† by Maya Angelou each introduce effective rhetorical situations as they establish their individual identity through their educational experiences. â€Å"Civilize Them with a Stick† by Mary Crow Dog and â€Å"Graduation† by Maya Angelou are each experts of autobiographies writtenRead MoreRhetorical Analysis Of Maya Angelou s I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings 1036 Words   |  5 PagesFily Thiam English 002 Mrs. Vilato 9 April 2015 Rhetorical Analysis on â€Å"Graduation† by Maya Angelou In Graduation, a chapter in her autobiography â€Å"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings†, Maya Angelou talks vividly about her middle school graduation in the segregated South. Graduation is an important milestone in most people’s life, as they get a degree and move on to their next level, something better and more important, with the hope that they can use their new knowledge to achieve their life goals andRead MoreI Know Why The Caged Bird Sings1482 Words   |  6 Pages Maya Angelou tells of her life experiences and struggles in her book â€Å"I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings† that gives us insight about Maya’s life as a young black girl growing up in a time of racism. The novel discusses various forms of oppression that she had to face as well cope with them. Robert A. Gross wrote an analysis for Newsweek about the book and claimed that Angelou’s book is not only an interesting story of her own experience, but also a portrayal of a Southe rn black communityRead MoreUxt Task 1945 Words   |  4 PagesRunning head: Analysis of â€Å"Still I Rise† 1 Analysis of â€Å"Still I Rise† When reading, â€Å"Still I Rise†, by Maya Angelou, I immediately get a sense of perseverance and pride. The author seems to be addressing her adversaries directly through her words. I love the imagery used in this poem. I can almost see the dust rising and can feel the swelling of the black ocean that the author mentions. â€Å"Cause I walk like I got oil wells pumping in my living room†(Angelou, 1978), and, â€Å"Laugh like I’veRead MoreMaya Angelou Response Essay717 Words   |  3 Pageshistory since colonial times. In her essay â€Å"Graduation,† Maya Angelou recollects the experience of her eighth grade graduation in the 1930s to examine the personal growth of humans caught in the adversity of racial discrimination. Through narrative structure, selection of detail, and use of imagery, Angelou encourages young blacks to follow their ambitions with pride, despite what the â€Å"white man† thinks of them. Through her narrative structure, Angelou aspires for young black students to maintainRead MoreMaya Angelou: A Model Woman Through Influential Literature Essay1708 Words   |  7 Pagesinfluence on society itself. Maya Angelou is a great example of the model woman. She has beaten the odds and has become one of the most well known African American women of today. She is an author, poet, historian, songwriter, playwright, dancer, stage and screen producer, director, performer, singer, and civil rights activist. Her most influential work comes from her extraordinary books and poems. Her literature has influenced the young and old with their contents. Maya Angelous literary significanceRead MoreMaya Angelou : An Influential Voices Of Modern Society Essay1386 Words   |  6 PagesMaya Angelou, born Marguerite Ann Johnson on the 4th of April 1928, was born in St. Louis, Missouri and grew up in Stamps, Arkansas. Maya Angelou is regarded as one of the most noteworthy, influential voices of modern society with over 50 doctorate degrees. She became a distinguished poet, educator, producer, actress, historian, filmmaker, memoirist, and civil rights activist throughout her life. In the 1930’s and 1940’s, Stamps, Arkansas was the embodiment of brutality and racial discriminationRead MoreI Know Why the Caged Bird Sings - Maya Angelou6502 Words   |  27 PagesAnalysis: Chapters 1–5 The lines from the poem Maya cannot finish, â€Å"What are you looking at me for? I didn’t come to stay . . .† capture two of the most significant issues she struggles with in her childhood and young adulthood: feeling ugly and awkward and never feeling attached to one place. First, Maya imagines that though people judge her unfairly by her awkward looks, they will be surprised one day when her true self emerges. At the time, she hopes that she will emerge as if in a fairy-tale

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Why Study Religion - 1537 Words

It seems as if there has never been a time known to man when there has not been a religion in some shape or form. Nor has there been a race of people who have never tried to practice it in some form or another. The study of religion should not be regarded as a new venture for mankind or a new idea that man is trying to grasp. Also, it could be argued that by researching such a topic as religion, it does not look like man will come to any unified agreement in the near future - especially if it all comes down to what religion means to you, and whether you believe in such a thing or not. So what is religion? Can it be a way of life? Does there have to be the existence of a supernatural? Furthermore, what are the consequences if we†¦show more content†¦This way everyone can have access to the â€Å"truth.† This does not necessarily mean that everybody can have conflicting truths while at the same time agree with the â€Å"Ultimate Truth.† Rather it is to say that one can have a â€Å"truth† that agrees with ones conscience and beliefs, as well as ones understanding of something as important as religion. Modern human beings need a reference point for all the problems that we are facing in the world today. It is easy to see the impact that religion can have on social behavior. Examples of this would be the roles of the religious movements in the struggle for civil rights in the United States, or the way it was involved in the former apartheid system in South Africa. Many times religion lies at the central point of conflict, whether it is Judaism, Christianity, Hinduism, or Islam. It can also lead to increasing hostility between religious groups within society. The study of religion can help us find out why these conflicts exist, especially when they all share the same basic concept of peace to all. Many people have the misconceptions that there would be fewer wars if there were no religions. This may be because many wars throughout history have been fought in the name of religion or another. If we study the teachings of the religion that people have supposedly been fighting for, we may come to the conclusion that the bloodshed around the world is not so much due to religion, but rather the reign ofShow MoreRelatedWhy Study World Religions1431 Words   |  6 PagesPHL230 Religions of the World I think that it is important to study world religions because it can help people to become more tolerant of other’s beliefs and more compassionate to other people’s causes. With so much war and misunderstanding in the world based on religious viewpoints, it is important to take the time to find out where and why people believe the way that they do. While I find that most people in the world follow a religion based on their geographical location, this is not the caseRead MoreThe Between Mccutcheon, Marx, And Nietzsche s Theories On Religion921 Words   |  4 PagesRussell McCutcheon urges terms like â€Å"religion† and â€Å"religious† should not be used by scholars when referring to the study of religion. McCutcheon even suggests these words should be abandoned and removed from our vocabulary all together. He claims studying social sciences like anthropology, sociology, and psychology and using appropriate terminology will lead to a more accurate underst anding of why we as humans are religious and how our religion ultimately affects our behaviors. Feuerbach, Marx,Read MoreThe Categories Of Religious Studies1124 Words   |  5 PagesReligious Studies When most religious studies students think of religion they think of people that are very passionate about their particular god, but most people do not understand why people act the way they do in religions. In religious studies they examine how different categories of religion help people of that religion conduct a structured way of life. There are many categories, that once are utilized, will help religious studies students obtain a deeper understanding of people in religions. TheRead MoreMarx, Weber, And Social Distress972 Words   |  4 Pagesincrease on the foundations of rationalism. Many people of the day questioned religion and had no need for a God. Marx was born in 1818 and was the earliest of the other thinkers. The crazy thing is that he wrote very little as it is about religion. According to Marx, he sees religion as an ideology. Religious distress is at the same time the expression of real distress and also the protest against real distress. Religion is the sigh of the oppressed creature, the heart of a heartless world, justRead MoreA Study of Religion Converts among Muslim Malaysian1298 Words   |  5 PagesTitle: A study of religion converts among Muslim Malaysian. INTRODUCTION Nowadays, the issue of apostate again had given attention by the mass media, recently. Due to the fact, apostasy among Muslims in the country has reached a critical level. The number of people born Malay-Muslims who seek to change the original name and the new converts who do not practice the Islamic way of life or want to return to the religion are increasing year by year. According to Perak Mufti Tan Sri Harussani ZakariaRead MoreReligion Toolkit Response By John Morreall And Tamara Sonn1616 Words   |  7 PagesReligion Toolkit Response p. 1-14 The introduction to The Religion Toolkit: A Complete Guide to Religious Studies by John Morreall and Tamara Sonn establishes the basic purposes behind studying religion. It tries to show its readers that religion may be a much broader and undefined topic than they might be expecting. The Religion Toolkit discusses how the academic study of religion differs from the normative study of religion, how religion is not clearly described, and how Religious Studies comparesRead MoreReligion And Its Effect On Society1649 Words   |  7 Pagesâ€Å"Religion is a practice for people to believe in a higher deity—a superior to the mortal world in which we, humans, live in.† At the beginning of this semester, this was the definition I composed when I was asked to define religion. While this initial answer has some relevance to what religion is overall, it is still over-simplistic because it does not address all the various components that religion incorporates. During the course of this semester, I have learned how to more accurately define religionRead MoreDefining Religion Essay1687 Words   |  7 PagesDefining Religion The most fundamental question when examining a religion is what is religion? That is a distinctly hard question to answer considering that what is ordinarily considered to be religion is not all it is, and what many consider not to be religion may be near religious (i.e. sports). The truth is that there are no genuine answers to the question of what is religion. Definitions of religion tend to suffer from one of two problems: they are eitherRead MoreA Sociological Study Of Religion1159 Words   |  5 PagesReligion is one of the most difficult topics in life, not to mention the oldest. People look for the ultimate truth to religion, which in my opinion leads to misguidance and a slant of science. I think this helps true believers find their way to a faith; it certainly helped me. Science does get carried away at times; however, it is good that people are questioning stories from the bible because then we can see how corrupt the world is. Why can t faith exist? Why does everything have to be blackRead MoreEssay on Religious Relativity1017 Words   |  5 Pagespracticing, preaching, and learning religion. We find people everyday that recognize their own beliefs to be beliefs and nothing more but we also see people who consider their beliefs to be the truth and hold that truth to be the highest. I believe it is entirely possible for us to step outside of our own belief system and to tolera te and understand other people’s religious beliefs. I believe religion teachers exemplify the theory of religious relativism the best. Religion teachers can very well believe

Representation of Women in Action Movies free essay sample

If a man can fight, he’s a hero. If a woman can fight, she’s a b**ch! Representation of women in action films The film industry never seems to lack action films and there always plenty for the market to choose from however how many of those have women in a leading role? A handful. There aren’t that many films that feature women in lead roles within action films. But the question is why? Why haven’t a majority of these women been given a chance? Are actresses like Uma Thurman and Angelina Jolie one-woman-wonders or have they just been given a lucky break? I’ll be exploring the representation of women in action films through a semiotic analysis. David Gauntlett argues that â€Å"in contemporary society, gender roles are more complex and the media reflects this. The female roles today are often glamorous as well as successful in a way that they were previously not. Much of this is due to the rise of ‘girl power’ in the media, through identities constructed by music artists and contemporary actresses, for example, who are demanding less passive roles† which explains how films like Charlie’s Angels have made it to the forefront. Unfortunately, women have repeatedly suffered from a narrow set of representations in the media. They are regularly linked to the domestic situation i. e. housewives, or as sexual objects represented to entertain men. Furthermore, â€Å"the number of roles for leading women is far below that of men. † Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is the film I’ve chosen explore and there several reasons behind this. I’ve chosen this text because it portrays women within dominant roles. Furthermore, the concept behind it breaks the pre-existing norm of women being the sexual object that entertains the male hero/spy. This isn’t the case in this film, they’re heroes fighting crime and saving the day. Not only are they stunning and beautiful but they also possess skills that crush and challenge existing stereotypes about women which is exactly why I chose this film. Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle is an action comedy film that was released on the 27 June 2003. The film was directed by McG and produced on a budget of $120 million. It was the sequel to the 2000’s Charlie’s Angels and it was number one at the box office for its opening weekend and produced a worldwide gross of $259. 2 million. The film was a success. It stars an ensemble cast including Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore and Lucy Liu. It also features notable actors and actresses such as Demi Moore, Shia LaBeouf and Matt LeBlanc. Diaz, Barrymore and Liu or the â€Å"Angels†, are three extremely talented, strong, sexy women who work as private investigators for unseen millionaire named Charlie. Prior to this film, they had starred in more passive roles in the romantic comedy genre. In most action films, men were more likely to be adventurous, active and vicarious, whereas women were more frequently shown as weak, ineffectual, victimised, supportive, laughable or merely token females† (Gunter, 1995). A film such as this allowed their fans to view them in a more dominant, powerful light. This immediately challenges the pre-existing stereotype of women because they are illustrated as superior to their male counterpart. The angels are independent women who aren’t tied down or held back by men. On-the-other-hand, the fact that they work for a male, wealthy character who controls their every move is ironic because in reality, many women are in similar situations and living in a patriarchal society. The opening scene of the film is a brilliant example of the female representation shown throughout the plot. It’s set in a filthy, hostile bar in the Himalayas in Mongolia. The bar is packed with lots of men drinking and jeering. The use of an establishing long shot works well to familiarise the audience with the initial setting and atmosphere. I believe the director did this in order to show the contrast between all of the men and the Angels. A dolly shot is used to track two men carrying a box so the audience become intrigued to learn the contents as they descend into the basement. To the surprise of the audience, Alex Munday (Lucy Liu) was inside the box; contortioned and tucked away. A high angle shot is used and the camera tilts in order to display the actresses’ flexibility. As she rises out of the box the camera zooms into a close up of Liu as she does a symbolic swipe of her long, dark hair; an iconic move for any female superpower. She’s dressed in a black leather ensemble which connotes mystery and obscurity. Perhaps out of the three angels, Liu is the dark horse. As she stands against the wall, a medium shot is used cleverly because not only can we see Liu against the wall but we can also see the hostage and his capturers in the room behind the actress. The connotation is accurate as she then saves the hostage by taking out the guards with some impressive combat. Her character is almost portrayed to be a female equivalent to Jet Li; she appears to be unstoppable and fierce. As she drags the hostage up the stairs, the lighting changes dramatically. The basement was very dark and low-key lighting was used which made the action stealthy and hostile. Whereas, the lighting used in the bar is high-key; very bright and there are few shadows. This is symbolic because it’s as if Alex has taken the hostage from hell (dark, unpleasant) and to heaven (bright, hope) which is essentially the purpose of an angel both contexts. Meanwhile upstairs, the atmosphere is volatile as a new character emerges dressed in a red, sleek kimono. Her costume connotes love, passion and warmth however in this scenario it connotes danger, sin and aggression. This is the 2nd angel; Dylan Saunders. The camera tilts over her shoulder and shows the male opponent smirking at her and then it pans around the table to eventually show her face. As she throws back a shot of alcohol, she comes across as the bad angel, the bad girl of the trio. The use of red with Dylan in this scene is symbolic because it displays a wide contrast between her and Alex. She’s more masculine in her body language but the director has tried to mask this behind the sexy outfit and red lipstick. As she walks away she clasps one of the guards by the waist, grabs his keys and tucks them away subtly. The focus then turns to the doors of the bar and the audience anticipates the worst. As the doors fling open, a medium shot shows a tanned, petite and blonde angelic woman. This is the third and final angel, Natalie Cook. She’s dressed in a white, fluffy coat and a revealing white mini skirt. This connotes purity, happiness and honesty which would be fitting for a normal angel. However, Natalie is no ordinary angel. As she stands at the door, she looks lost and dazed and a close-up of her face supports this further. As the men stare at her beauty in awe, she jeers at them and they erupt with excitement. The men are so amazed they form a guard of honour for Natalie as she walks over to the mechanical bull. Whereas, when Dylan wanted to move through the men they simply didn’t move and didn’t even know she was there. The use of white dumbs the men and amplifies Natalie’s angelic nature. Furthermore, her body language also plays a part in stunning the men. She giggles excessively and winks at a few of the men. Also, Diaz flicks her pigtails every two seconds and is also chewing gum. She hardly challenges the existing stereotype of blonde women but adds fuel to the fire. This is supported further by the fact that her skirt is so short, the audience can see clearly underneath it. Perhaps Natalie is the ‘bimbo’ of the group. The director has clearly added to the stereotype of blonde’s being stupid through Natalie’s character however this could be challenged throughout the plot. I believe this opening scene and in fact the entire plot supports Mulvey’s Male Gaze theory. It states that â€Å"media texts are created through the eyes of a heterosexual male and that women are viewed for the pleasure of men. † (Smith, 2009) She also claimed that â€Å"women are turned into sex objects through how they are shot in the media (Cinematography). (Smith, 2009) Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle demonstrates this. The plot should challenge the norm and allow women to break free however the body language and costumes used throughout diverges the male audience from the plot and to the women being sexualised. In a review by the BBC, Nev Pierce argued â€Å"some call it girl power, others demeaning. † Furthermore, â€Å"Whe n female protagonists, for example, have to function as law enforcers and confront criminal behaviour – both associated with male authority and action – gendered conflict inevitably follows. † (Hall, 1997, p. 364) However, this film could mislead women into thinking they have to become successful and independent by wearing tight, revealing clothes and caking up their faces with make-up but of course this isn’t true. â€Å"It really makes me more and more angry. The aim is to rake in money, loads of money and people try to do that by all means of all these things – sex, beautiful people, wealth and you always have people who fall for it. † (Ang, 1997, p. 347) This opening scene shows three very different women with different talents however what they all have in common is their characters have been onstructed to appeal to different types of men but collectively appeal to all men. Although this action film had 3 women in lead roles, it failed to truly challenge the existing stereotypes of women having to be objects and requiring sex appeal to become successful. In reality, â€Å"a woman cannot be herself in the society of the present day, which is an exclusively masculine s ociety, with laws framed by men and with a judicial system that judges feminine conduct from a masculine point of view. † References Websites Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle blog (non-official) http://c-angels. blogspot. co. uk/ Pierce, Nev. (2003). BBC film review. http://www. bbc. co. uk/films/2003/06/27/charlies_angels_full_throttle_2003_review. shtml Smith, Mr (2009). Representation Theory http://www. slideshare. net/fleckneymike/representation-theory-2458490 Smcmediastudies, (2011). The Representation of Women in the Media http://www. slideshare. net/smcmediastudies/the-representation-of-women-in-the-media Books Ang, Ien. (2006). Representation: Cultural Representations and Signifying Practices, in association with Sage. Ang, I. (1985) Watching Dallas: soap opera and the melodramatic imagination, New York, Methuen. Ibsen, Henrik (1917). Ibsen’s Workshop.